TOS is a term used to describe a group of disorders that occur when there is compression, injury, or irritation of the nerves, arteries, or veins in the lower neck and upper chest area.
TOS affects people of all ages, but when talking about an athlete, very often, this condition occurs in sports, such as baseball, swimming, volleyball, and other similar sports.

We can recognize three types of TOS:

– Neurogenetic TOS ( the most common condition)
– Venus TOS
– Arterial TOS

The symptoms of TOS include:

– Neck, shoulder and arm pain, numbness, or impaired circulation to the affected area.
– weakness
– tingling
– prickling
– swelling of hand, fingers, and arms
– decreased size of hand muscle

Symptoms depend on type TOS.

– Causes compress on a nerve, arterial, and veins could be: First rib ( cervical rib), old fracture of the clavicle, tumors, repetitive injury of shoulders, injury to neck and back (whiplash injury), a bad technique in sports activities, poor posture, stress…

Fix problem:

Step 1. Check type of TOS and patient history, old injury, symptoms, posture, sports activities.

Step 2. The specific test for TOS, as like Wright’s test, Adson test, Roos test, Eden test.

Step 3. We use different protocols, and it depends on types TOS. It could be NKT, PDTR protocol, Maitland, Mulligan protocols, Neuro protocols, or correct bad posture. Sometimes surgery is necessary for some specific situation.

Step 4. Strength exercise protocol because it’s the only way to fix the problem for a long time.

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