Why do we hire a personal trainer? Two reasons: knowledge and motivation.

But how do we know if a personal trainer is qualified? From a certain age, we all start to have smaller or bigger injuries, pain or challenges with our body. Therefore it is crucial to hire a trainer who can offer the support to get fit and strong without risking further injuries.

To train yourself is always different from training others. What works for the individual trainer doesn’t work for most of the clients and vice versa.

We strongly believe that it takes a strong education in personal training and lots and lots of experience in personal training in working with different body types, injuries and age groups to finally be a personal trainer trainer. Don’t be shy to ask a personal trainer what his background is!

A personal trainer has to start with a proper body assessment. Start with the following questions: Is your personal trainer testing the composition of your body including the muscle mass, fat ratio and viscelar fat? Does he/she test the mobility and flexibility in your joints? Is he/she testing your level of hydration, protein and mineral intake? Does he/she do a cardio test? Is he/she giving you health and nutrition guidelines? And is the personal trainer doing all of the above mentioned tests on a regular basis to monitor your development?

Very important: Incorrect exercises often don’t produce negative reaction in the body right away. More often they do quite the opposite. Our bodies adapt to them with a feeling that we are making progress. The side effects of improper exercise techniques sometimes come up later in life. Bones, muscles, ligaments and joints can get damaged with time if exposed to an unprofessional and inadequate coaching.

It is not enough to just exercise, but to exercise the right way. Our bodies are perfect! But they need to last a lifetime. Treat them with care! Be Healthy, Be Strong!