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The unique scientific and professional approach to the exercise of Be Strong – Personal gym trainer company. Be Strong Scientific Fitness is based on scientific research and practical training experience. Our personal fitness trainers are providing our clients with different workout programs

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In Be Strong, we are dealing with joint pain (lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.) And muscle pain. Our personal trainings are non-pharmalogical based on neurokinetic tests and movement like a primary tool to relieve pain naturally either in the joint, muscle, nerve (sciatica). Be Strong private workout procedures are including physical therapy, pain management, changing movement patterns which are causing pain.



In Be Strong we have the most professional and best athletic performance coaches/personal trainers for every age (kids, teenagers and professional athletes). We offer individual and group coaching strength and conditioning sessions/trainings for different sports (football/soccer, tennis, basketball etc.). Be Strong personal gym trainers are avail for an online workout too

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Bestrong weight loss program



The weight loss program is not only related to esthetic changes in our body shape. We should know the causes of this prevalent condition in the modern age. There are many of them, like lack of physical activity, bad nutrition habits, diseases, and psychological reasons (lack of motivation). Be Strong weight loss trainers treat causes of that condition, not only consequences, like the only right program for losing weight. Your private gym trainer is avail also for online training.



This program is mostly designed for ectomorph body type which generally means that person is having a lack of muscle mass and normal / under the fat mass. They are usually skinny/lean, and their program is completely opposite to the weight loss program. This difference is in nutrition rules and intensity/volume of training. Creating a gaining weight training, your personal gym or online trainer is focusing on muscle growth and gaining/keeping fat mass, if necessary.

Bestrong weight loss



In Be Strong team, this training program is recommended to people which goal is to keep similar body weight, but to change correlation between muscle and fat tissue in same time. One of the important reasons for that goal is which body type client is (usually mesomorph).



Semi private training packages in Be Strong are designed for people who wants to reach their goals in more interactive environment. Program is based on small groups, customized and personalized related to the individual and goal of certain fitness program. Workouts are based on improving mobility, stability, strength and cardio segment.

Semi-private training program

A personal trainer has to start with a proper body assessment. Start with the following questions: Is your personal trainer testing the composition of your body, including the muscle mass, fat ratio, and visceral fat? Does your physical trainer test the mobility and flexibility in your joints? Does your personal fitness trainer test your level of hydration, protein, and mineral intake? Does the personal coach do a cardio test? Does your personal trainer give you health and nutrition guidelines? And is the gym instructor doing all of the above-mentioned tests on a regular basis to monitor your development?

To create a personal training program, Be Strong personal trainer will use testing methods, regular monitoring of the client’s progress and adjustment to the client’s goal. During the private training, each client has a personal trainer who takes care of every detail of the prescribed program. Each client has a personal trainer who takes care of every aspect of the prescribed program, the coach / personal trainer controls the load, during the exercises, weight training, or workout. There are several different personal workout programs which are Weight loss, Athletic development, Gain weight, Rehabilitation strength program, semi-private personal workout program, along with specific diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures, adjusted for various needs of children and adults of all ages and professions.

It is not enough to just exercise but to exercise the right way.

Our bodies are perfect! But they need to last a lifetime. Treat them with care!

Be Healthy, Be Strong!

I am at an age where I just want to be fit and healthy. Our bodies are our responsibility! So start caring for your body and it will care for you. Eat clean and workout hard.

Henry Walker Nutritionist

Since starting the over 60's mat class at create, I am much more aware of my body, how I move and my posture. As a result, I no longer take pain medication for my back!

Krystina Rynes Park Wimbledon

Diagnostic Tests

Assessing your fitness should include checking your strength, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, and more.


Testing provides important data about cardio-respiratory functionality which is important for the design of the training

Cardio respiratory tests


It begins with sessions where the practitioner works to test your muscles. This is important because to know which unde

Neurokinetic tests
Bestrong anthropometric measurements


Anthropometric measurements are a series of quantitative measurements of the muscle, bone, and adipose tissue used to assess the composition of the body


As part of General Initial Assessment, motor skill tests are used to provide information about athletes current physica