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    Discover personalized one-on-one Personal Training, dynamic Customized Groups, and engaging Be Strong Kids program at Be Strong. Unleash your potential, embrace strength, and embark on a transformative fitness journey with us.

    Meet our certified trainers

    Meet Vlad

    Personal trainer

    Vladimir has over a decade of experience as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer in the fitness industry. He obtained his knowledge in S&C, human anatomy and biology, biomechanics, and physiology from the University of Sport and Physical Education, and has continually upgraded his skills throughout his career. Vladimir has worked with a diverse range of clients, from the general population to professional athletes, and has expanded his skillset to optimize their training processes and help them achieve their goals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Physical Education, is a certified functional S&C coach (level 1 and 2), and is also a certified PT tutor

    Meet Zeenisha

    Personal trainer

    Meet Zeenisha A. Nasta, a highly qualified and experienced physical therapist and fitness coach. With a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh, USA, Zeenisha brings over six years of expertise in the field of physical therapy, along with three years of experience as a fitness coach.

    In addition to her academic achievements and practical experience, Zeenisha has also acquired valuable certifications in Kinesiotaping and Balance training in Geriatrics from renowned expert Anne Shumway-Cook. With her extensive knowledge and skillset, Zeenisha is committed to providing top-notch care and support to her clients.

    Meet Nemo

    Personal trainer

    Meet Nemanja Lunic, a highly skilled physiotherapist and strength coach with more than a decade of experience in the field of strength and rehabilitation training. Born in Serbia, Nemanja graduated from the University of Novi Sad with a degree in physiotherapy, and has since dedicated his career to helping individuals with musculoskeletal issues.

    Nemanja’s lifelong passion for sports, including taekwondo, handball, and boxing, has driven his dedication to health and fitness. He approaches training and rehabilitation by creating personalized programs tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals. By doing so, he empowers individuals to overcome injuries, improve mobility, and build strength.

    Nemanja recognizes that optimal health and wellness extend beyond exercise and rehabilitation. He advocates for the importance of nutrition and lifestyle habits in achieving long-term results. With his holistic approach, Nemanja has helped countless individuals improve their physical health and wellbeing.

    Join Nemanja on your journey to better health and fitness, and experience the transformational impact of his targeted training and rehabilitation programs.

    Meet Tijana

    Sport scientist

    Meet Tijana Grujic, a natural athlete with a lifelong passion for sports. From a young age, Tijana spent most of her time on the sports courts and even represented her city in a Serbian Football league during her education. With her unwavering dedication to athleticism, Tijana earned her Master of Sports and Physical Education degree in 2016. Following her graduation, she worked as a coach for two years at the largest fitness center in Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade.

    In 2018, Tijana relocated to Dubai and joined the team at Fitness First before eventually joining the Be Strong team in 2020. Tijana’s commitment to excellence and professional development led her to become a Certified Functional Strength Coach (L1, L2) in 2022.

    Tijana’s main objective is to inspire the development of her clients through trust, skill, and example. With her extensive experience and expertise in sports and fitness, she strives to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

    Meet Ogi

    Personal trainer

    Meet Ognjen Antic, a highly qualified strength and conditioning and movement specialist with a wealth of knowledge in human anatomy, biomechanics, sports psychology and physiology. Ognjen has been immersed in sports from a young age, ultimately leading him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and Physical Education at the University of Sports.

    With over 10 years of experience, Ognjen has helped numerous individuals achieve their personal fitness goals, while sharing his knowledge on overall wellness to encourage healthy habits for life. Ognjen’s top qualifications include a UEFA Strength and Conditioning Coach and Movement Specialist certification, Level 2 certification as a Neuro Kinetic Therapist, and Level 1 and 2 certification as a Functional Strength Coach through CFSC. Additionally, he has completed an extensive course in palpation, stretching, kinesiology, and human anatomy. Choose Ognjen Antic as your go-to specialist for achieving optimal fitness and wellness

    Meet Wills

    Sport scientist

    Meet Wills, With over two decades of experience as a personal trainer and coach, Wills is deeply committed to enhancing the health and physical well-being of individuals. Constantly striving to improve, Wills actively attends workshops and seminars to expand his knowledge and expertise, with the ultimate goal of helping clients achieve their desired results in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

    Wills is highly skilled in aiding individuals experiencing pain, as well as in assisting athletes to enhance their performance. With impressive qualifications that include a Master’s Degree in Applied Exercise Science with a specialty in Strength & Conditioning, NeuroKinetic Therapy level 3 certification, Certified Functional Strength Coach level 2 certification, Functional Movement Screen level 2 certification, and IKFF Certified Kettlebell Coach level 2 certification, Wills is well-equipped to provide top-tier support and guidance to clients of all backgrounds and experience levels.

    Meet Alex

    Sport scientist

    Meet Aleksandar Grujicic, the visionary founder of BeStrong, a fitness coaching powerhouse that has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals. With over 15 years of experience in the field of fitness coaching across Europe and the Middle East, Aleksandar is a highly sought-after fitness coach with an unwavering passion for helping others succeed.

    Aleksandar’s deep understanding of the human anatomy and biomechanics has been the driving force behind his success in the field of fitness coaching. He is dedicated to helping his clients overcome injuries and get back into shape in the most effective way possible. For Aleksandar, education and research are paramount, and he regularly collaborates with his team to find the best possible individual training programs for each client.

    With certifications in Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach, Strength and Conditioning Therapy Coach, Certified Functional Coach, Musculoskeletal Pathologic Conditions for Fitness and Other Movement Professionals, and Fundamental Biomechanics for Fitness and Other Movement Professionals, Aleksandar’s expertise is unparalleled.

    Specializing in strength and conditioning, performance enhancement, physical abilities development, injury prevention and rehabilitation, postural deformities, tissue restructuring, and special programs for ACL recovery, shoulder dislocation, hip replacement, arthritis, diabetes, shoulder imbalance, hip imbalance, and ankle imbalance, Aleksandar has a proven track record of success.

    Join BeStrong and let Aleksandar and his team help you unlock your full potential.