There are no serious personal trainers who program personal training for their clients without (prior to) adequate sports diagnosis.
All diagnostic procedures can be roughly divided into direct and indirect.

  • DIRECT tests • very accurate and often require highly trained personnel and expensive equipment. This should not worry you as there is a number of indirect methods that can evaluate the functional and motor skills of non-athletes or athletes.
  • INDIRECT tests • short and easy to perform, can be performed on both healthy people and those with injuries or illnesses (e.g. locomotor or cardiovascular system).

To evaluate maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), use bench or bike tests provided by any gym  (Step test, Astrand test).
Conconi test is good for assessing anaerobic threshold as a measure of exercise, and 1RM tests for large muscle groups (chest, legs, back, ..) for determining muscle strength. Our personal trainers in Dubai use Indirect test.

Well-executed test and proper use of the results obtained will allow you to optimize the training period and achieve significantly better results in a short period of time!  What tests do you perform as personal trainer in Dubai while working with clients? What is your experience regarding this matter?